Sunday, 24 August 2008


This is Olly Olly Olly. He is our new member. His plus points are -

1. He is quite a good drummer

2. He has a new haircut a bit like Jordan Knight from NewKidsOnTheBlock

3. He is good a choosing videos from the charity shop

4. He is skinny so he doesn't take up much room on the sofa

5. He has a signed autograph of a Michael Jackson impersonator

photo by Matt Oi -

Monday, 18 August 2008


Dear Purchasers of our June monthly CD,

Here is the link to our JUNEMIXTAPE consisting of songs by bands we watched live during JUNE and thought were tremendous. We are posting these entirely out of love and respect for the artists please buy their CDs and/or go watch them live if you can.
If you own the copyright to any of these songs and want us to take them off send us an
email and we will oblige...


Love Peggy and Sue