Monday, 30 March 2009


so i lied. the theme tune of this trip has actually been Jamie Foxx 'Blame It' you can listen to that masterful piece of high concept R'n'B here -

(I will henceforth be naming all blogs after R'n'B songs. hopefully at some point i will find appropriate ones that describe my state of mind and/or situation. one can only hope.)

we are now in nyc recording our album (argh!!!) we accidently skipped the whole of Austin. we actually sucked really badly at the whole daily blogging thing. but in our defense we did actually get kind of busy.
so I'm going back in time a whole 1o days and pretending we're still in LA...

LA continued...
Day Two: we went to VENICE BEACH which a treat for both the eyes and ears. Rosa met her soul mate there -
we listened to more R'N'B on the car radio.
we played at a ridiculously cool warehouse/studio/space thing (this is the only time I will ever describe a venue as a space i promise.)
we watched, danced to and befriended Sky Larkin. by the end of their set the drum kit was no longer intact and this is how we knew we would be friends for life.
watch some Sky Larkin action here...

we drank lots of free alchohol and ate the first of many cream cheese bagels.
we bid adieu to Los Angeles and continued our journey towards Texas.


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nayso said...

Heard your song Pupil's Blink on the campaign for Topshop's fashion targets breast cancer! Listened to your myspace page and am in love with your music. When and where can I buy any of it?