Monday, 16 March 2009


good morning. we're in LA. its a bit like Grand Theft Auto. actually its exactly like Grand Theft Auto. we walked to the place for dinner last night despite the strong words of my Grandma who told me 'don't walk anywhere in LA.' possibly she's right. we met at 10 characters on our short 3 block journey. one of them tried to sell us a zippo for $5. we politely declined. another was saying to an aquaintance 'come on then boy lets take this right the corner, i'll beat the shit outta you nigger' . we laughed quite a lot. i think we're definately going to get killed due to our inability to take anything in our surroundings seriously.   
more importantly, on our drive from LAX airport yesterday afternoon we heard the best song ever which is now going to be our theme tune for 'Trip to America 2009'...
It's by Soulja Boy and it's called "KISS ME DOWN THE PHONE"
Here t'is with lyrics so you can sing along like kareoke....
also last night when i went to the toilet they were pumping out Boyz 2 Men in the lobby at like 4am. i love LA.</br>
over and out

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Alex Bone said...

This made me laugh a lot. I love how you can have certain songs which become part of a trip and then every time you hear those songs for years afterwards it takes you back. I can't believe I missed you in Norwich a couple of weeks back. You better return! Now checking out the CD mix you put on in June last year.... I'm so in touch with the world.... ;)

Keep on blogging. It brightens my day.